Wedding photography in Devon 2015

2015 has been just as unique as all the other years, you guys keep surprising me with your amazing wedding ideas. This year we have seen beaches, forests and cliffs. Not to mention the array of animals, you guys love your animals! We have had Donkeys, hedgehogs and birds and we have loved every minute of it. When it comes to this time of year I find it so hard to choose some images to show you all, I try and give you a good look at what we have been up to and include all of our couples. These are amazing memories for us too! 2015 was a great year but I can’t wait to see what 2016 has to give us. So here you go, here are some of our fav bits…..




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Jade and Rob’s wedding at Tunnels beaches

Jade and Rob’s wedding took place at Tunnels Beaches, Ilfracombe, Devon. Despite them coming from one of the most beautiful places in England, the lake district they decided to have a coastal wedding here in Devon. They both wanted to be by the sea and where better for a wedding than at one of our favorite locations, Tunnels Beaches.

Both Jade and Rob work outdoors teaching outdoor pursuits to young adults, which includes sailing, kayaking, climbing and more so they are both well trained for the drama the outdoors brings. They decided to go for it and have an outdoors wedding in Devon in April, I say risky move but it really did pay off for them, the weather was perfect, hot actually.

Family traveled from all over to come to this seaside wedding and blessed with the weather they were more than happy to celebrate and join the couple with beach walks and some good fresh seaside cuisine – mainly ice cream which was served after an amazing BBQ style buffet.

Not only did they have the outdoor wedding off their dreams they managed some beach time too! The sunset was spectacular and the evening was completed by dancing under a crescent moon by an open fire….perfect.

Find out More about weddings at Tunnels Beaches here.

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Yurt Camp Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography at the Yurt Camp, Liverton, Devon

Natalie and Ed came to me to photograph their wedding at the Yurt camp in Liverton, having never been here before I was keen to shoot at such a new location. We met for the pre wedding shoot at Parke in Bovey Tracey, Devon where we had a lovely walk and shoot, they were both very comfortable in front of the camera and we got some lovely natural shots of them in the woodlands. It is always lovely to use the great outdoors as part of my shoots, we are lucky to live in such a beautiful place, Devon is full of little hidden gems, great for all kinds of shoots.
After our shoot we went for a coffee and I was delighted to hear that they were surprised that it was so easy! I always recommend the pre wedding shoot as I think it really helps people relax in front of the camera on the actual wedding day.
The morning of her wedding I met Natalie at the hair dressers where she was being pampered by the girls at Gerswins, Natalie looked stunning as she left to battle the great British weather, rain again, but luckily she was well prepared with Brollies to protect her. As we arrived at the church the rain had not let up at all so it was a mad dash for the protection of the linch gate while she met the vicar for her final prep before the ceremony, Ed waiting anxiously inside for his bride to arrive. We managed to get some beautiful shots inside the church and in the grounds after, despite the rain. I actually like the light that you get in the rain, we got some lovely shots using natural light in the church doorways and under the gate roof.
Natalie and Ed made their way back to the Yurt camp in a trio of classic cars owned by family members (lucky devils) The Yurt camp was beautifully decorated with wild flowers and hay bales giving an English summer party feel…although still raining. Rain did not stop play today, Natalie had thought ahead and ordered cover for the open areas for her guests and it really didn’t make any difference to the feel of the day, we had some great fun with the group shots and even got to play some garden games before food was served and they danced the night away. I never thougt that a Yurt camp would be the perfect wedding location but Natalie and Ed’s wedding has shown me a different style of wedding, thank you guys xx

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Dartington Hall Wedding Photography

Isabelle and Chris’s Wedding at Dartington Hall, Totnes

Isabelle and Chris’s wedding at Dartington Hall, Totnes was a wet and windy one which was a shame as they were hoping to have drinks in the extensive gardens to the back of the grand building.

When I first met Isabelle and Chris there was an instant connection between us which I always think works well towards building a good working relationship before the actual wedding, the pre wedding shoot was great, they were both fantastic in front of the camera and we got some great shots that they then went on to use as a way for guests to leave messages around a photo on the wedding day.

Dartington hall was all set and ready to deal with the wet wedding, a stunning location whatever the weather, I remember doing the first licensed wedding here and I am happy to say that it hasn’t changed at all.

This was an April wedding so as the day was getting closer I was in the final stages of my pregnancy, Isabelle and myself made an emergency back up plan if the worst should happen but I had in my head that I would run late so all should be fine. Well as it turned out I was early and gave birth to my daughter 3 days before Isabelle and Chris’s wedding! I had a natural birth and came straight out of hospital so was determined to make it to the wedding, so I packed up my kit and brought a team of back up photographers but made it to the wedding!! I actually had a great day shooting and was so happy to be there for them , even enjoyed my first glass of bubbles with them.



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Salcombe Harbour Hotel

Chloe and Ben’s Wedding at the Salcombe Harbour Hotel, Salcombe

When I first met Chloe and Ben it was a rather strange meeting for coffee at Exeter services, not what you would call glamorous but as they were passing through on the M5 it was easier for them, we sat for 2 hours chatting about the wedding with Chloe’s mum and dad who have a very similar sense of humor to me so I knew it was going to be a good day. They all made me feel very comfortable from start to finish and I hope I did the same with them, as the day came closer we booked in the pre wedding shoot which took place at Escot house in Ottery St Mary, full of jokes and laughter we had a great time in with the red squirrels and wetlands.

The day of the wedding came around too quickly and it wasn’t long before Chloe was prepped and pampered with a stunning dress and beautiful bridesmaids to match. Chloe was a stunning bride in a stunning location, the Salcome Harbour Hotel is the king of hotels with a breath taking view it also boasts an all singing spa and restaurant. The Hotel is high spec and every detail has been carefully thought out from ipads on the walls to a home cinema for guests! Chloe and Ben weren’t done there though, they booked the wedding breakfast at the Winking Prawn down on the beach for a rustic feel and amazing food… a good day had by all.



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Egypt Mill Weddings

Natasha and Mike’s wedding at Egypt Mill, Bristol

Sometimes we get asked to travel for weddings, although Egypt Mill weddings in Bristol isn’t too far from us it is still nice to get out of Devon and visit some new locations.

Natasha and Mike live in Swindon so had the help of a close friend with the plans and organization of the wedding. Both the ceremony and the reception were to take place at Egypt Mill in Nailsworth just outside of Bristol, I had never been here before so was looking forward to the challenge of a new location, what a location it was! Beautiful setting o the river with old stone work and maintained gardens it didn’t disappoint, the weather was holding off for us to make the most of the grounds and with the Mill as a backdrop made for some great photos.

Natasha and Mike had put a lot of thought and detail into their wedding , the tables were beautifully decorated with home made, rustic decorations we even had a bit of fun with the photo booth in the evening.

Once the ceremony was done and the guests were fed we had some time outside to play with the lighting in the dusky evening.



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Reed Hall Weddings, Exeter

Flo and Brad’s wedding with Reed Hall Weddings

Welcome to the wedding of Flo and Brad with Reed Hall weddings, Exeter. I first met flo and Brad in our old place in Clyst Honiton, we sat and chatted for a while over coffee and really clicked we had a lot in common. The second time we met was somewhat a little more uncomfortable, they wont mind me telling you as it is a funny story.

Brad is a pilot and they have their own small plane that he fly’s on a regular basis, Flo doesn’t really take to the sky in the same way (as we found out) The morning of our pre wedding shoot was set to be a windy one with possible storms coming in, they were planning on flying from Southampton to Exeter air port where I would pick them up and go off on location for our shoot. It was a lovely, romantic plan so I can’t blame Brad for making it happen but poor Flo was sickened by the turbulence and i picked her up a funny shade of green!

She was so sick she point blank refused to get in the plane to go home again! So… after planning the train trip home and a strong beverage we got to shooting. The shoot was great and with her feet firmly on the ground Flo was fantastic in front of the camera, we had a lovely time at Escot House.

The wedding was a sunny one, really sunny, it was so hot and everyone was in the summer mood, Flo and Brad were getting ready and Flo’s dad was polishing the vintage car, it was perfect. The ceremony took place on the Exeter University campus with views out over Exeter and then it was on to Reed Hall Weddings for the reception. I have shot here many times and it is still one of my favorite places to shoot, there is so much there, stunning architecture, beautiful gardens and lake for us to enjoy, rain or shine Reed Hall Weddings is a great place to get married.



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White House, Devon

White House, Devon Wedding Photography

The wedding of Nandie and Mark took Place at the White House, Devon. This is a stunning location and has everything you need for a superb stay and celebrate all in one location with great home cooked local food and friendly staff. The hotel is situated only a short walk away from the shore and is local to the amazing restaurant The Boat House  .

Nandie and Mark are both in the filming industry so are very used to cameras, they had a small but perfectly formed wedding day with close family and friends, Nandie wore a spectacular vintage wedding dress and with bridesmaids to match the look was set. They had a family sharing style wedding breakfast that worked really well to serve the locally caught fish dishes, keeping it all very relaxed and informal.

Nandie had wedding flowers by my good friends at Blue Geranium in Totnes that really set the day off with a great start, the boys there have never failed to make their mark on a wedding with the most stunning arrangements.

The sun was so hot and we had some fun in the gardens of the White house, Devon amoung the summer flowers we got some great shots of Nandie looking herself like a movie star!




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Kirsty and Ed

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A Pre-Wedding Shoot

As part of our wedding package our brides and grooms to be can take advantage of a pre-wedding shoot with us. I know a lot of you will think that it is just unnecessary time on front of the camera and that you would rather do without it. I am going to give you some very good reasons why the pre-wedding shoot is so valuable to both Photographer and Client.

Our relationship with our clients is really important to us, we don’t take on 100’s of weddings a year so that we can really dedicate our time to creating a great working relationship between photographer and client. The whole process from the moment you book with us should be a fun, exciting one.

The pre-wedding shoot benefits us all by giving us the opportunity to meet again and get to know each other a little better. It really is a good time to let our hair down and for you to let your personalities shine through. During this time we can catch up on any plans for the wedding and then have your time in front of the lens.

It is a great chance for you to see and feel what it is like to be photographed and what is actually going to happen on your wedding day, we replicate the shoot that we will do with you on your wedding day so that there are no hidden surprises and you can see what to expect. I can also have the chance to see how you are in front of the camera and get to know if there is a way for me to shoot you so that you are both comfortable.

We aim to relieve you of any stresses you may have about the photography and having your photo taken, the process is light and fun, everyone goes away having had a good time and not so worried.

Here are some shots from the last pre-wedding shoot we did right here on the farm.

C57A0458 C57A2099 C57A2104 C57A2126 C57A2131 C57A2144 C57A2169 C57A2185 C57A2189 C57A2203 C57A2210

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