Reed Hall Weddings Exeter

Welcome to the wedding of Flo and Brad with Reed Hall weddings, Exeter. I first met flo and Brad in our old place in Clyst Honiton, we sat and chatted for a while over coffee and really clicked we had a lot in common. The second time we met was somewhat a little more uncomfortable, they wont mind me telling you as it is a funny story.

Brad is a pilot and they have their own small plane that he fly’s on a regular basis, Flo doesn’t really take to the sky in the same way (as we found out) The morning of our pre wedding shoot was set to be a windy one with possible storms coming in, they were planning on flying from Southampton to Exeter air port where I would pick them up and go off on location for our shoot. It was a lovely, romantic plan so I can’t blame Brad for making it happen but poor Flo was sickened by the turbulence and i picked her up a funny shade of green!

She was so sick she point blank refused to get in the plane to go home again! So… after planning the train trip home and a strong beverage we got to shooting. The shoot was great and with her feet firmly on the ground Flo was fantastic in front of the camera, we had a lovely time at Escot House.

The wedding was a sunny one, really sunny, it was so hot and everyone was in the summer mood, Flo and Brad were getting ready and Flo’s dad was polishing the vintage car, it was perfect. The ceremony took place on the Exeter University campus with views out over Exeter and then it was on to Reed Hall Weddings for the reception. I have shot here many times and it is still one of my favorite places to shoot, there is so much there, stunning architecture, beautiful gardens and lake for us to enjoy, rain or shine Reed Hall Weddings is a great place to get married.